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Help Wanted: Caregiving Panel Highlights Community Need

Toronto Central CCAC


TORONTO, May 15, 2014  - The Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) hosted a panel discussion at the Caregiver Show yesterday that highlighted the need for better knowledge of community resources and supports. Moderated by CCAC's Senior Director of Client Services, Dipti Purbhoo, the panel included a Nurse Practitioner, LTC placement Coordinator  and a Community Care Coordinator, all of whom are on the front lines dealing with families who need home and community care support. Through Toronto Central CCAC, these health care professionals work hands-on with the community in order to provide the necessary resources to support clients and their families access they care they need.

"People want easy access to the information and supports to help their loves ones stay at home as long as possible" said Purbhoo. "The interest, response and questions posed at today's event highlights the need for greater understanding and access to resources for our community," she continued.

The panel discussion, which took place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, emphasized the growing interest in a home-based and community care for those requiring medical, health and long-term care services. The audience engagement highlighted the need for information but also showcased Toronto Central CCAC's commitment and quality care provided to its clients.

"If you haven't made the call, then make it" said one audience member in reference to the Toronto Central CCAC. He recounted his personal relationship with the organization and the positive outcomes that resulted from working with a CCAC Care Coordinator.

Panel discussion topics included an overview of Toronto Community Care Access Centre's services:

  • Helping clients find information about resources in their communities
  • Helping clients find the right type of care for their particular need in the right place
  • Helping clients get the care they need in their own homes establish care within their home

Toronto Central CCAC has also been a helpful first point of contact for those who worry about family members' health issues but don't know where to turn. Through the CCAC's main number at (416) 506-9888, Toronto residents can call and find out about locally-based supports to help them with their particular family needs. On average, the CCAC receives approximately 20,000 calls per month. Contrary to popular belief, CCAC serves more than the senior community, with supports in place for parents of special needs children as well as the disabled.

"We have the privilege of going into people's homes and providing much needed care and support for some of our most vulnerable citizens," said Purbhoo. "Through greater knowledge of community supports, we can help our clients to have a better quality of life and stay in their own homes longer.  "

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About Toronto Central CCAC

Toronto Central CCAC connects people across Toronto with quality in-home and community-based health care. We provide information, direct access to qualified care providers and community-based services to help people come home from  hospital or live independently at home. In any given month we serve a population of nearly 1.5 million residents of the Toronto area with their care  needs in the community. In any given month, we support:

  • More than 19,000 people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds
  • 1,700 kids getting support at their schools
  • 400 adults receiving rehabilitation services
  • 23,000 information and referral inquiries
  • The transition to a long-term care home for 240 clients
  • 600 individuals to die at home with dignity
  • Saving 1000s of hospital days by transitioning 7,000 clients home for care
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