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Stacey Daub Awarded With Leadership Award for Patient-Centered Engagement

Toronto Central CCAC's Stacey Daub Awarded With Leadership Award for Patient-Centered Engagement

The 20 Faces of Change Award recognizes community healthcare innovation

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Toronto, March 10, 2015 – Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre's (CCAC) CEO, Stacey Daub, was awarded with The Change Foundation's 20 Faces of Change Award for her leadership in healthcare innovation.

"Receiving this award, and being recognized by the Change Foundation, is both humbling and an honour," says Daub. "It is the many stories from our clients and caregivers that inspire me to lead change in health care. My team and I hear every day about what is, and what is not, working for the people we serve. The voices of clients and caregivers are at the centre of patient care, in all that we do."

The awards recognize the positive changes in Ontario's healthcare delivery by highlighting the achievements of health service innovators who have made a substantial difference within the community. Launched by the Change Foundation in honour of its 20th anniversary in 2015, award winners are chosen by an independent selection committee of healthcare-related professionals that is representative of the breadth and diversity of the healthcare system in Ontario. With a mandate of acknowledging those who have had a key role in creating meaningful change within the healthcare system, the awards bring a greater focus to key improvements related to the delivery of patient-centred care in the province. Through their efforts, commitment and dedication to the community as a whole, these recipients have been instrumental in changing the local healthcare landscape for the better.

In keeping with the 20 Faces of Change core mission, the awards recognize the impact that health policy and practice can have on the community. The goal of improving peoples' healthcare experience as they move in and out of the system over time is recognized and the recipients of the awards have had a positive influence on the sector, as well as those it serves. Under the direction of CEO Stacey Daub, the Toronto Central CCAC's vision to provide "outstanding care, every person, every day" is fully supported and delivered by the numerous frontline staff, primary care partners and family health teams across the city. Those receiving care under CCAC's leadership have realized first-hand the results of the organization's dedication.

"Our strategy is all about relentlessly pursuing what's most important to our clients and their caregivers – it is the people we serve who continue to drive our organization's work within the community," says Daub. "Through collaboration with our clients and our partners in health care, we look forward to expanding the discussion about how to best serve those who need us."


About Toronto Central CCAC

Toronto Central CCAC connects people across Toronto with quality in-home, clinic and community-based health care. We provide information, direct access to qualified care providers and community-based services to help people come home from hospital or live independently at home. In any given month we serve a population of nearly 1.5 million residents of the Toronto area with their care needs. In any given month, we support:

    • More than 19,000 people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds
    • 400 adults receiving rehabilitation services
    • 23,000 information and referral inquiries
    • The transition to a long-term care home for 240 clients
    • 600 individuals to die at home with dignity
    • 1,700 kids getting support at their schools
    • Saving 1000s of hospital days by transitioning 7,000 clients home for care



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