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The Toronto Central CCAC Thanks Ontario Physicians on Doctor’s Day

The Toronto Central CCAC Thanks Ontario Physicians on Doctor's Day

 Physician partners play a key role in providing care to the community

Toronto – May 1, 2015 – Whether they're a family doctor, someone providing specialized care or emergency medicine, physicians play a valuable role in the lives of their patients and those in need. The Toronto Central CCAC – a provincially funded home and community care organization – knows that access to healthcare is vitally important, particularly for seniors and the elderly. On May 1st, the CCAC is honoured to say "thanks" to the physicians who help the community that they serve. Doctors work in partnership with the CCAC as part of a "One Team" philosophy that results in team-based and integrated care for a variety of patients. On this annual day of recognition, it is important to acknowledge the incredible difference that doctors have made in the lives of so many.

"The care and dedication that doctors have shown to the community is unparalleled and has had a positive effect on those who have faced medical and healthcare challenges," says Dipti Purbhoo, Senior Director, Client Services, Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. "Working in partnership with our Primary Care physicians in various healthcare settings, our team has seen first-hand the results of doctors' efforts for the patients that they serve and the community on the whole."

As a special "thank-you" to the doctors who work hand-in-hand with Toronto Central CCAC staff as part of a team, CCAC staff has created a special video that can be found here:

"Every day, doctors save lives, heal the sick and support the most medically-complex residents of the city," says Purbhoo. "This special day of recognition – Doctor's Day – is an opportunity to acknowledge the important work that is done in the community and to thank physicians for their dedication to others." 

Doctors that work in partnership with the CCAC's homecare and hospital teams help people in neighbourhoods across the city. As part of the CCAC's Primary Care strategy, the organization has successfully linked Care Coordinators to Primary Care physicians, further enhancing the "One Team" philosophy and overall patient experience. These teams often include a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner, the family doctor, multiple doctor specialists, a Personal Support Worker, a Pharmacist, and a Physiotherapist – and all together this group makes up one team. Based on the philosophy of mutual partnership with the aim of providing the highest quality of patient care, this group of dedicated healthcare professionals continues to positively impact the communities that they serve.

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