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Patient and Other Stories Archived

​​We’re getting up close and personal with some of the everyday heroes working at the Toronto Central CCAC. Regardless of their roles, each of these amazing staff members embody the values TC CCAC holds dear: they have big hearts, embrace innovation, believe in teamwork, are relentlessly community-proud, and are completely genuine in their desire to help. They are The Real Deal – and we couldn’t be prouder of their many—and varied – contributions. Check back often for new profiles and to learn more about how these special people are strengthening health care and making the world a better place for everyone who calls Toronto home.

Meet Jacklyn!               Meet Nicole!          Meet Sharin!         

Meet Rosa!                   Meet Andrea!         Meet Silvia!

Meet Sandra!                Meet Beverly!        Meet Shanley!

Meet Sharin!                 Meet Rhoda!          Meet Jennifer!

Meet Prince!                 Meet Ian!               Meet Chelsea!

Meet Kateryna!             Meet William! 

Meet Meredith!             Meet Rob!              Meet Ellen!