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Community Support Services and Waterloo Wellington CCAC Collaborative Planning Underway

Community Support Services Logo.bmpCommunity Support Services and Waterloo Wellington CCAC have initiated a collaborative planning process to streamline lower need population services towards Community Support Services, allowing CCAC to focus on serving the higher need population.   

These planning discussions and activities are intended to bring about innovative service delivery models that will ensure a seamless and coordinated health care experience for residents of Waterloo Wellington. 

On March 7, 2013 representatives from the WWLHIN, WWCCAC and Community Support Services met to “kick off” a collaborative planning process. This first session focused on the initial project planning that will ultimately lead to the effective transition of the care of lower-needs clients receiving Personal Support Services from the WWCCAC to the Community Support Services agencies. This direction is consistent with Dr. Sinha’s “Provincial Senior Strategy”, the proposed PSW regulation changes, and the directions of CCAC’s provincially. 

It is anticipated that this collaborative planning will continue into the summer months with a final business plan completed end of the summer.