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  5:00:00 AMImproving Patient Care 2019 4:00:00 AMConnecting you to community 4:00:00 AMConnecting You With Care 4:00:00 AMMessage for Patients & Partners 5:00:00 AMRegion of Waterloo Waste Collection Changes 4:00:00 AMUpdated Nursing Clinics 4:00:00 AMKind Message From Our Community$4-7M-in-Waterloo-Wellington.aspx7/27/2016 4:00:00 AMWWCCAC Receives $4.7M Investment 4:00:00 AMSupporting 1 in 17 People in Our Community 4:00:00 AMWWCCAC Wins OACCAC Staff Team Award for Community Stroke Program 4:00:00 AMA Message for Patients & Families 4:00:00 AMA Neighbourhood Approach to Delivering Care 4:00:00 AMCCAC Opens Fifth Nursing Clinic 5:00:00 AMCCAC Wheelchair Clinics – Opening April 1, 2016 5:00:00 AMCaring for Our Community - Meet Thorald (Sandy) 5:00:00 AMPatients First Update 5:00:00 AMMessage to Patients 5:00:00 AMWWCCAC Recipient of Donation by TD Bank 5:00:00 AMA Care Coordinator Gives Back 5:00:00 AMSpotlight on Community Support Services Meals on Wheels and More