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Caring for Our Community - Meet Thorald (Sandy)

"I've been fortunate to work with some wonderful people through the CCAC. When I've needed support, they have always been there."

Sandy Warley

(L-R):  Anita Warley, Esiaye Atsenuwa, Thorald (Sandy) Warley 

(L-R):  Anita Warley, Care Coordinator Esiaye Atsenuwa, Thorald (Sandy) Warley


At the age of 85, Sandy has been living with progressive multiple sclerosis for more than 37 years. For many years he was able to care for himself and manage the paralysis with a cane and a walker, but many of his physical abilities gradually fell away as the MS tightened its grip. Eventually he turned to the CCAC for the support services that would permit him to remain and function in his home.  

Sandy describes his experience with CCAC as "plain sailing" – easy and uncomplicated. He holds Esiaye Atsenuwa, his current Care Coordinator, in highest regard, and shares his good experiences with other Care Coordinators he's worked with over the past 22 years. According to Sandy, he's had excellent specialized advice and support from the occupational and physiotherapists who CCAC has provided as needed.

Sandy's wife, Anita, acts as his primary caregiver. She also praises the care from the CCAC. Through the CCAC, Anita receives the daily support she needs to run their home and garden, shop, volunteer, etc. whilst tending to Sandy's growing needs.

When asked what Sandy likes to do to keep busy, the list is extensive.

On the advice of his physiotherapist, Sandy continues to make exercise a priority and spends more than 1½ hours a day lifting small weights and using a resistant band to keep up the strength in his arms and legs.

With a smile on his face, Sandy laughs and says, "All of my troubles are below my neck so I'm able to keep engaged with life and active in our community." Over the years he's volunteered with the Guelph Horticultural Society, the local chapter of the MS Society and the Guelph-Wellington Men's Club, and has remained engaged in the life of the University of Guelph by service to alumni affairs.

Through the support of the WWCCAC and his own sheer determination, Sandy is a true inspiration. He is a great example of how we're helping people to reach their optimal health, at home which is where we know they want to be.