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Gentle Exercise Programs Keep People Safe and Independent

Alt=""Every ten minutes in Ontario a senior visits an emergency department because of a fall, and every 30 minutes a senior is admitted to hospital because of a fall. The CCAC has made falls prevention a key focus for the coming year. One of the most important ways is through the gentle exercise programs offered in our community.

Exercise can improve strength, balance, mobility and reaction time – and you don't have to run a marathon or lift huge weights to get the benefits! CCAC Care Coordinator JoAnne Maxwell volunteers with a local in-home gentle exercise program, and has seen the benefits at first hand. She says people are sometimes reluctant to start an exercise program, but find it rewarding when they see the progress they make.

Maxwell says gentle exercise programs are designed to help people to perform the activities of daily living safely. "It's all about helping patients stay at home and maintain their independence," she says. "Exercise also improves your mood, reduces pain and contributes to an overall better quality of life."

To find out where there are gentle exercise classes near you visit the website.


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