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A Neighbourhood Approach to Delivering Care

The future of home and community care is a system where health care and service providers work as a team. It is a system where there is greater communication, collaboration and cooperation between care providers to support the needs of patients.  This is what patients and health care partners have told us they want, but more importantly, it is what our community deserves. 

For over two years, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre (WWCCAC) has been working with contracted service provider agencies that provide in-home care to understand and plan for:

  • Improving patient's experience by reducing missed visits and the number of times patients have to re-tell their story  
  • The challenge of ongoing recruiting for health personnel
  • Increasing demand for CCAC services   
  • Greater consistency in care, a better understanding of the services available, and better access to the right care for those who need it most.

Together, we developed a neighbourhood model that breaks down Waterloo Wellington region into smaller geographic areas. Creating these smaller neighbourhoods allows service providers and care coordinators to take a more focused look at the unique needs of each neighbourhood. It creates an opportunity to support patients in a way that meets these specific needs.

Patients will continue to receive care from their current service providers and service provider staff will continue to deliver that care to the patients we collectively serve.  Our neighbourhood model is about how we work together to improve patient care and positively impact the patient experience. 

"Our neighbourhood approach is about creating greater consistency in care, a better understanding of services available and better access to the right care for those who need it most. It is about building relationships between care providers and asking the question – how do we do things differently to ensure patients have equitable access to care?" – Dale Clement, CEO Waterloo Wellington CCAC.

This neighbourhood team-based approach also provides the foundation to create stronger relationships with health care partners, including, physicians, other care providers and community support services.

As always, the focus of this work is patients and our vision to improve how we deliver care to our community. 

The Waterloo Wellington CCAC supports those living in our community with injury, illness or disability. Every day we support 17,000 people to navigate an often complicated health care system, assess and identify their support needs, connect them to the appropriate services and advocate on their behalf. As always, our goal is to help people reach their optimal health at home which is where they've told us they want to be.

For more information on our neighbourhood approach to care, please contact Waterloo Wellington CCAC at 310 2222. 



Link to CBCKW89.1 Radio Interview with Dale Clement, CEO.