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Patient Guides and Brochures

This page contains brochures and documents for you or a family member. Feel free to save or print a copy. If you would like us to mail you a copy give us a call at 888 883 3313. 

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General information

Going Home BrochureMedical Assistance in Dying (MAID)LifeFollowingLoss_ENG.PNGPalliative Images

Stop the Stigma Mental Health Bookmark Patient and Family Guide 

​Home care Services at home and in the community

Family Managed Home Care 

Brochure - Supporting you to live at home. Integrated Assisted Living Program for SeniorsBrochure - CarePartners Physiotherapy Care Centre - Hip and Knee Replacement RehabilitationCommunity Stroke BrochureRestorative Approach at Home Brochure - Short Stay Programs

​Elder Abuse Response Team Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Community Nursing Clinics

Cambridge Nursing ClinicFergus Nursing ClinicGuelph Nursing ClinicKitchener Nursing ClinicPalmerston Nursing ClinicWaterloo Nursing Clinic Waterloo Nursing Clinic

Pediatric and Youth Services

Pediatric and School Health Support ServicesMental Health and Addiction Nurses in Schools Program Brochure

Hip and Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement GuideTotal Knee Replacement Surgery Guide My Guide to Total Hip Replacement from Cambridge Memorial HospitalPatient Guide for Total Knee Replacement Surgery from Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes

Long-Term Care GuideLong-Term Care Directory

Retirement Home Directory

Other publications

Staying Independent BrochurePower of Attorney Forms.jpg