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Waterloo Wellington CCAC Honours Everyday Heroes


Kitchener, ON - September 23, 2015 – Today, the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre recognized more than 75 community heroes from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding area at their 2nd annual Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Event.

The inaugural event honoured the family members, friends, volunteers and health care professionals in our community who go above and beyond in helping those living with illness, injury or disability.

In Kitchener, Personal Support Worker, Leanne Cote was nominated by her patient, Darcy Spencer.

"My balance is erratic and has resulted in a number of serious falls. Leanne has provided much needed assistance with showering and personal care." says Darcy. "She is always on time and comes with a smile and with news of her family and two children. She is cheerful, sincere, and dedicated to our well-being – taking the time to ask questions about the well-being of both myself and my wife. My condition is worsening and according to my doctors will continue to do so. This realization often leads to periods of anxiety and depression, but during those times, I can always count on Leanne to offer a listening ear and some home-spun humour to lift me out of my dark times. A shower, a laugh, a kind word, someone you can count on – A hero."

In Waterloo, hospice volunteer, Glenn D. Jantzi was nominated by Judy Kruger.

"I'm personally grateful to Mr. Jantzi who spends time on a weekly basis reading to my father, talking to him, offering him drinks and wheeling him around to be socialized," says Glenn. "I'm told by staff that my father often comes back after visiting with Mr. Jantzi with a smile on his face. I believe my father has benefitted greatly from the one-on-one relationship that has developed. I can think of no one who has ever deserved an award more."

In Cambridge, Rachel Martin was nominated by her son, Joshua.

"I am nominating my mom who is not only my hero, but also the hero of many people in our community," says Joshua. "My mom goes far and beyond the call of duty. She takes care of my little brother James, who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. She's a mom on a mission to help bring Muscular Dystrophy awareness to others, and participates in fundraisers to help find a cure."

Dignitaries joining the celebration included Mayor Vrbanovich from City of Kitchener, Mayor Jaworsky from the City of Waterloo and City Councillor Michael Mann, who attended on behalf of Mayor Craig from City of Cambridge.


"I'm honoured to have the opportunity to recognize these unsung heroes in our community. We appreciate the kindness of all of our community caregivers and their commitment to supporting those in need." Dale Clement, Waterloo Wellington CCAC.

"Events such as the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre's 2nd annual Heroes in the Home Caregiver Recognition Event remind us what an amazing community we live in. I am proud to be able to recognize Leanne Cote and the many other heroes who selflessly gave their time to help others in their community, providing support, compassion and dignity to those who need it most." Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, City of Kitchener

"The Heroes in the Home recognition event provides an opportunity to acknowledge those in our community who go above and beyond to help people living with illness, injury and disability. It's an honour to join the Waterloo Wellington CCAC in recognizing Waterloo's everyday heroes." Mayor Jaworsky, City of Waterloo

"It's not often enough that we take the time to recognize these courageous and inspiring community leaders. We commend the award winners, nominees, and all those who go above and beyond to make a difference in our community." Councillor Mike Mann, City of Cambridge


Mayor Barry Vrbanovic, City of Kitchener with Heroes in the Home award recipient, Leanne Cote

Mayor Barry Vrbanovic, City of Kitchener with Heroes in the Home award recipient, Leanne Cote.


Mayor Dave Jaworsky, City of Waterloo with Heroes in the Home award recipient, Glenn D. Jantzi.

 Councillor, Mike Mann, City of Cambridge with Heroes in the Home award recipient Rachel Martin.

Councillor, Mike Mann, City of Cambridge with Heroes in the Home award recipient Rachel Martin.


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