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Waterloo Wellington Streamlines Access to Supportive Housing / Assisted Living

Colin Carmichael, Communications Manager

​The process for accessing supportive housing and assisted living in Waterloo Wellington is changing. All referrals will now flow through the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre (WWCCAC) as the single point of access.

Effective March 28th 2013, residents, family members and health care providers in Waterloo Wellington can contact the WWCCAC directly to make a Supportive Housing/Assisted Living referral.

The CCAC Expanded Role initiative builds on the September 2009 legislative amendments to the Community Care Access Corporations Act. In addition to coordinating placement in long term care homes, the new regulations expanded the CCACs’ role to also facilitate the transfer of people as they move through adult day programs, complex continuing care beds, rehabilitation beds and supportive housing programs/assisted living programs. The WWCCAC is positioned in the health care system to improve coordination and care transitions for those requiring health and social services.

How it works

The overall purpose of the project is to plan and implement the transition to WWCCAC acting as the single point of access to supportive housing programs/assisted living programs. WWCCAC has partnered with all supportive housing programs/assisted living programs stakeholders to develop and implement the process for centralized access. Supportive housing programs assist high risk seniors and adults with disabilities to remain independent, and prevent or delay institutionalization.


The new process for supportive housing / assisted living referrals will:

  • Provide greater coordination of care and care transitions for those requiring health and social services
  • Provide centralized, equitable access for assessment, eligibility determination and waitlist management to Waterloo Wellington residents throughout WWLHIN for supportive housing programs/assisted living programs consistent with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Assisted Living Services Policy
  • Implement programs and processes collaboratively with supportive housing
    programs/assisted living stakeholders across Waterloo Wellington innovatively
    including technology enablers which will allow for information to be sent
    electronically (Health Partner Gateway & electronic forms etc.)

What Is Not Changing
The number of supportive housing programs/assisted living stakeholders/programs and
the geographic locations of these will not be changing. Given that there are no planned
changes to supportive housing resources as part of this initiative, wait time to placement
is not anticipated to change.

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