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Coordinated Bed Access (CBA)

WWLHIN Coordinated Bed Access

The Coordinated Bed Access (CBA) program is a Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN) program that offers equitable access to a centralized integrated system. The CBA program is a partnership between the LHIN, hospitals, and residential hospices. The CBA programs include: Rehab, Low Intensity Rehab, Activation/Restoration (including Convalescent Care), Complex Medical Management, End-of-life/Pain & Symptom Management Complex Continuing Care and Residential Hospice.

The WWLHIN acts as a singular point of access for patients both within the Waterloo Wellington region and Out of Region who are in need of these programs through the use of an application and LHIN wide program criteria.



The WWLHIN promotes the use of Coordinated Bed Access (CBA) to better serve Patients who are unable to return home immediately following an acute care stay, or to support the transfer of Patients directly from community in an effort to avoid unnecessary hospitalization and/or to provide end-of-life/palliative care.


Rehabilitation, Activation/Restoration, and Complex Medical Management 

Based on a LHIN-wide prioritization framework, Patients may be matched to beds within the Waterloo Wellington LHIN, but outside of their home address area.

When a CBA bed becomes available, the bed may be located at any one of three locations depending on the program choice. The patient will be matched to the first appropriate bed available within the WWLHIN. In cases where there are multiple vacancies at the same time, the LHIN may consider the geographic location of the patient/family during the matching process, to facilitate care closer to the patient's home. Any requests for exception need to be discussed with the designated Patient Service Manager for CBA. This LHIN-wide approach applies to all CBA programs.

WWLHIN placement department will call the Primary Contact Person on the referral form to request completion of the medical stability form post eligibility and when awaiting potential bed match.

The medical stability form needs to be completed and faxed to WWLHIN within 3 hours. Ideally, the form should be signed by the patient's Most Responsible Physician (MRP) or Nurse Practitioner. If MRP is not readily available during the 3 hour window, confirmation of medical stability can be made via phone with the Most Responsible Physician and documented on the form. If the patient is medically stable and remains appropriate for bed vacancy, WWLHIN will call both sending and receiving sites to confirm the patient is appropriate for transfer to the CBA site. The CBA sites will call the referring site to initiate patient transfer. A formal transfer of accountability process to arrange for any necessary medical equipment and or services prior to the patient transfer will be completed at that point.

If the patient is not medically stable at the time of bed availability, the patient will be taken off of the waitlist.  A revised application form can be submitted when the patient is medically stable

Note: The WWLHIN will not be assessing stroke referrals for patient's program eligibility. They will be received by us and will be added to the Rehab wait list automatically. Patients are expected to be medically stable at the time of patient transfer.