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Community Education

​​​Are you interested in learning more about us? 

Our goal is to help you and members of the community, our partners, and service providers to better understand how to navigate an often-complex health system to provide equitable access, individualized care coordination and quality care.

We connect people of all ages with the health and support services they need to:

  • remain safe and independent at home
  • return home safely from hospital and avoid readmission
  • find primary care
  • explore long-term care options, day programs, and more.

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For Community Groups

Engage your community group with first-hand stories from caregivers and patients as they share their experiences about health and home care.

These videos are perfect for sharing in group settings as they provide real-life examples of people in your community who are learning how to take care of their loved ones and themselves. All videos are bilingual.

  • Jodi and Cheryl’s Story – a mother caregiving for her daughter who has a brain injury:

For groups that wish to share information about planning for long-term care, there are many resources available on our website.

Download Frequently Asked Questions to share with your group and request general information brochures that can be made available at your next meeting or gathering.

Check out to view detailed information about long-term care homes across the Champlain region.

If you have a community group of 50 or more that wish to learn more about our services and programs, you can request a representative to speak at your event. There is no cost for this, however, requests must be made 6-8 weeks in advance. Please email us (​​).

For Service Providers

Opportunities to collaborate with community partners and like-minded agencies are always welcome. Our staff may be available to speak about programs and services at a conference, group setting, and panel discussion with front line staff for training purposes.

Our Patient and Caregiver Council and Patient Advisors provide us with rich feedback that can be shared with service providers to enhance service delivery and improve patient-centred care.