Become a Home and Community Care Support Services Advisor

Our Community of Advisors is comprised of a diverse roster of individuals from across Ontario who have received home and community care services within the last five years. Advisors can decide what, when and how they wish to participate based on their experiences, interests and availability.

What does an Advisor do?

  • Provides advice, insights and feedback from a patient, caregiver and/or family perspective​  
  • Works collaboratively with staff, service providers and partners on initiatives to improve home and community care ​  
  • Participates in engagement opportunities that meet your interests and experiences  
  • Ability to share your own experience and not speak on behalf of others or represent groups/associations

What does it take to become an Advisor?

  • Talk about lived experiences constructively   
  • Be an active listener and respect the perspectives of others  
  • Collaborate and work well with different kinds of people  
  • Share insights and feedback  
  • Show concern for more than one issue or agenda  
  • Contribute to positive change for future patient, caregiver and family experience  

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We are committed to listening to, and learning from, those who we serve. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment to ensure advisors feel empowered to provide their honest and meaningful feedback. Learn more about our commitments (opens in a new tab)

Do you have a question or would like to learn more about becoming an Advisor? Contact the Community Engagement Team toll-free at 1-855-276-3096 or by email at