Health Partner Gateway

The Health Partner Gateway (HPG) provides a single electronic solution to securely exchange health information between Home and Community Care Support Services and its partners. It has been built to interoperate with longer term eHealth initiatives and to enable partner access to health information held within Home and Community Care Support Services tools and applications such as the Client Health and Related Information System (CHRIS).

HPG makes it simple to share information between Home and Community Care Support Services and health partners, in a safe and secure way.

HPG Reference Guides

The reference guide for health partners has been separated into individual modules to address functionality within each of the different areas of HPG. Module 1 is intended for all users as it covers general concepts and functionality that are common to all external HPG users. All other modules are more specific and intended for users that have been assigned the corresponding role/roles.

Module 1 – Introduction and common functions (login/password/security, reports/audit log, email notification management)

Module 2 – Document exchange (inbox, sentbox, send documents, CSR upload)

Module 3 – Offer management (service offer monitoring, offer query)

Module 4 – Community Health Portal (client summary, shared docs/assessments/notes, CSR Upload)

Module 5 – Referral management

Module 5.1 – eReferral to LTCH (managing referrals from long-term care homes)

Module 5.2 – eReferral to CC/Rehab (managing referrals from complex care and rehabilitation facilities)

Module 5.3 – eReferral to CSSA (managing referrals from community support service agencies)

Module 6 – Self-user management (for health partner administrators)

Multiple User Account Set-up Form – used when an organization is initially registering users in HPG.

Health Partner Gateway System Access Authorization Form – used when either adding or removing individual users from HPG or an update needs to be made to an existing user’s account (e.g. name change, change in role assignments, etc.)

HPG Invoice Entry


Provincial XML Service Client Technical Documentation

CHRIS Release Notes for External Partners

Archive: CHRIS Release Notes for External Partners


We have virus scanned and checked that the file is valid as an EXE file.

We would prefer if all external machines accessing the MP also have updated virus signatures and disk encryption to adhere to the Home and Community Care Support Services standard for endpoint security.