There are times when you or a loved one may need to consider a short-term stay in a long-term care home. A care coordinator can support you through the assessment, application and admission process. The following information explains the various options available.  

Respite Care: Allows caregivers to take a break from their daily responsibilities to rest, rejuvenate, attend family functions or enjoy a vacation, with the comfort of knowing their loved one is safe and their health care needs are being met. Respite services are also available to patients who live alone and need a short period of 24-hour care. In this program, you may stay in a long-term care home for up to 60 days at one time and as many as 90 days each year. 

Convalescent Care: Convalescent care provides you with the time needed to recover strength, build endurance and resume your normal activity level. In this program, you may stay in a long-term care home for up to 90 days each year based on your needs and progression towards your health goals. Please note: Convalescent care is not available in all homes – please speak with your care coordinator for more information and any alternative support that may be available.  

Interim Care: You may be eligible to apply for a short-stay interim bed if you are currently in hospital but require long-term placement to a long-term care home.  

How much does it cost?  

There is a daily fee for short-term respite, which you will be required to pay and some long-term care homes require full payment when you check-in. Your care coordinator will provide you with a rate sheet that outlines the various costs. 

How do I apply?  

Your care coordinator will assess your needs to determine if a short-stay option is right for you. An assessment completed by your doctor, nurse practitioner or other primary care provider is also required to determine eligibility. If you are eligible, you may chose up to five long-term care homes. Please note that short-stay placement beds are typically for basic accommodation and are booked on a first come, first serve basis and should be reserved in advance.   

If you are not eligible for the short-stay program, your care coordinator will help you find other services in the community to help meet your convalescent or respite needs.