Above and Beyond Caregiver Recognition Program

Above and Beyond Caregiver Recognition Program graphic

Caregivers are a pivotal part of our broader health care system. Through their efforts and dedication, caregivers help to ensure neighbours, friends and loved ones can safely remain at home.

To coincide with National Caregiver Day, the Above and Beyond Caregiver Recognition Program was established to recognize, celebrate and support caregivers who make it possible for people to live their lives in their communities despite the impacts of age, illness or disability.

Submissions for the Above and Beyond Caregiver Recognition Program are made based on the following criteria.

  • The caregiver(s) must live in Ontario
  • The caregiver(s) must be providing care to a patient who has recently received or is currently receiving services through Home and Community Care Support Services
  • Excludes paid, registered, or volunteer caregivers 
  • Submissions for the 2024 program closed January 14, 2024 

There are five recognition categories for the 2024 program:

Caring and SharingThis caregiver is giving back to their community by helping and guiding others through sharing the knowledge and experience gained from their journey. Jennifer Irwin (in memoriam), Lucknow (South West)
Read Jennifer's story | Watch Jennifer's story

Elizabeth Marie Chambers, St. Catharines (HNHB)
Read Elizabeth's story | Watch Elizabeth's story
Caring With CourageThrough encouragement, empowerment and support, this caregiver has directly brought about positive change to their loved one's quality of life. Angela Smith, (Central Region)
Read Angela's story | Watch Angela's story

Melanie Denis, Lansdowne (South East)
Read Melanie's story | Watch Melanie's story

Partner in CareThis caregiving partner has provided long standing and continued support to an individual in their home or community. Emidio Galea, Etobicoke (Toronto Central)
Read Emidio's story | Watch Emidio's story

Michael Bartlett, Port Dover (HNHB)
Read Michael's story | Watch Michael's story
Caregiver TeamGroup of people (care team) that come together to support an individual in their home or community. Robyn and the Serez Family, Kitchener (WW)
Read their story | Watch their story
Young CaregiverThis category recognizes the extraordinary efforts of a friend or family member under the age of 30 years who has gone above and beyond to support the needs of a loved one. Alissa Porumbel, Central – TC, Toronto
Read Alissa's story | Watch Alissa's story

Jessie Baker, Emo (NW)
Read Jessie's story | Watch Jessie's story

We are thrilled to share that we received more than 100 submissions for our 2024 program. We are very excited to be able to share their inspirational stories of devotion, compassion and love.

For all media-related enquiries, please contact HCCSSmedia@hccontario.ca.

Interested in getting involved as a Community Advisor? We are always looking for patients, family members and caregivers with recent home and community care experience and an interest in sharing their time, experience and insights to help shape and improve care. Learn more